Detox Fix

The Detox Fix program is a unique program in that it covers all aspects of detoxification, downstream and upstream and also the third which is the brain. It is a program that wakes up the bodies ability to remove the toxins and replenish the heathy cells for optimal health.

In this program you not only receive tools to help you detoxify your cells but also an opportunity to really take charge of your health for longevity and an understanding of how you can keep yourself moving in the direction on your health journey.

The program is done in a small group setting. It will include coaching support via email and through our monthly live calls (recorded) with Drs.Nick and Sonya Jensen.


Whats included:

- 3 LIVE calls, to educate and coach on detoxification (recorded)

- Targeted supplements for the basic 90-day program

- Nutrition support and guidance

- Monthly emails with valuable content and tips

- Email and Voxer support throughout the 3 months

- Access to portal of knowledge including videos, tips and recipes to help educate you on your health.

- 90 day menu plan including shopping lists and recipes

- Access to the pre-recorded Metabolic Upgrade Program 

- 30min return visit with either Dr.Nick or Dr.Sonya at the end of the program to discuss next steps.


Join us and together let’s get started on creating health in your body, mind, relationships and life!


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