HER Community

A woman’s power sits in her vulnerability, her strength in her truth, and her joy in her community.


What Defines a Community?

For me it is a place where I can feel safe, taken care of, free to express who I am, surrounded by people that see me and hear me and people I can look to for support even in the challenges and the shadow moments of life. 

This is what the HER Community is hoping to be for women everywhere. A place we can connect, talk about the hard stuff, laugh, dance, cook, and just be together. 

Here we focus on Hormones, Emotions, and Relationships, the very areas in life that define who we are and how much joy we can access in this life. 

This tribe is created for those that are ready to step up into action and receive the healing and empowerment they deserve. A chance to spend some time with other women, honor your needs and work on your body and mind.


Here's how this club will help you:

  • Gain control of your health
  • Gain freedom from your symptoms
  • Have more energy to live the life you want
  • Feel better in your body
  • Biohack your Biology, Upgrade your Cells, and Free your Mind!

What you are getting

Monthly Teaching on a Tuesday from 12:00-1:30pm (PST) consisting of a 4 parts:

1. Breathing exercise and/or meditation

2. Teaching on the monthly theme 

3. Round table discussion among members of the community

4. Take-aways, I will give you a practical tool to apply according tho the theme of the month so you can put it in practice.