Metabolic Upgrade

What if you had a program at your fingertips that could help you:

- Lose weight

- Gain muscle

- Optimize your hormones

- Support your immune system

- Support longevity more and all it took was 4 weeks of learning and implementing?

Well here it is! After running this program with our live group over the last few years, we decided it was time that everyone had access to this information. It is crucial that we now more than ever focus on our health and longevity. Your birthright is to live a happy and healthy life, and we are here to tell you this program is a part of that journey.

What you get:

  • 4 webinars, 60-90 minute each
  • Ebook
  • Workbook and guide
  • Tips on exercise, breath work, meditation, and mindset
  • Access to metabolic upgrade facebook group
  • Chance to upgrade to our live calls in the quarterly programs

Remember it is a 4 week program, but you have access to it forever! That means you can do it at your own pace. This isn’t just a one off diet, it is a lifestyle shift that needs nurturing and time. You have the tools and the support to create lasting change.
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Program Breakdown

This is a brief description of what you will be learning in the 4 weeks. 

WEEK 1. Here you get off the blood sugar roller coaster

Here we dive into the bigger picture. What is health, why is it important, and what is our intention. We learn what upstream and downstream toxicity is. We learn about getting into our own individual bodies and understanding the elements that affect our health. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your body, the cells in them, and how it all works, the easier it becomes to adopt this ancient healing practice of fasting. The program is not just about fasting or ketosis, it is about you, it is about the seasons, about our relationship to food, and how our minds can dictate a big part of our health journey.

WEEK 2. Becoming an efficient fat burner and improve cellular energy

Here we get close and personal with our mighty mitochondria, our source of energy. We learn about the cell and its membranes and the importance of healthy fats and how they work in your body. We learn the art of diet variation, including differences for men and women.

WEEK 3. Detox, hormones, and unloading the toxic bucket

Here we get into the fun stuff! Enter the bucket theory, our microbiome, and all the different stresses that make us gain weight, have no energy, lower our libido, and get super cranky! We will learn about autophagy and how we can tap into daily. This is also where we get deeper into our habits, patterns, and what makes us tick.

WEEK 4. Fasting Essentials

Why we fast. The different types of fast (some actually include food!), and when we should fast, this is week 4. Here you learn to master your body and mind. By now you would have already noticed changes in your body and your mind. Here you will be ready to reach that next level of health you have waiting for.

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